Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hats in the wind...anything could happen

It was an interesting mix of events this Saturday past.  It began at the polling booths down at the school, selling cakes while the early risers voted.  My two big boys were dressed in their school uniforms and politely asked those who had voted, whilst exiting the new school hall, if they would like to buy a raffle ticket in our school Fathers day raffle.  Who can resist a handsome face with a polite demeanor? A little competition was on to see who could sell the most raffle tickets. The boys wished they could stay all day, although a little shy at first, a certain bold confidence came over them as they used their good looks and gentle voices to melt voters hearts.  Over an hour and a half later the boys had to relinquish their tickets to give others an opportunity to sell.  The final tally of tickets sold, and it was a close call, Ethan 20 : Sam 21. 

After our first deed was completed that morning our next task was to get Donald to his Grand Final game.  His team, the 35/9 Tigers, won their game last Saturday which put them in the Grand Final versing the Sharks who had been undefeated all season.  

While Donald and his team warmed up their bodies and psyched up their brains for the game, my three boys entertained themselves with a few games.  It was a very brisk and windy day out on the field, very brisk.  To keep warm, the boys ran around crazy, the wind does that to them, wrestled a while and threw their hats to the wind.

Just as good as kite flying, throwing their hats to the wind provided endless rollicking fun.  Whose hat can fly the highest or land the furthest away?  Whose hat can I steal and throw into the wind?

Turtle chairs was another favourite.  The wind kept blowing the chairs over, so the boys went with the wind and created turtle chairs.

Then of course there was Donald's game that we watched intently. 

We cheered the team on, we laughed, we cried...

We put our hands to our heads in frustration at missed goal opportunities...

We ducked as the ball and players came thundering by...

We watched the clouds go by and found a kangaroo/camel cloud....

....and nearly missed out on Donald's run towards the goal with the ball which in turn helped the second goal being scored for our side.

And then it was all over.

They had finished triumphant!!

Final score Tigers 2 : Sharks 1.  They were Grand Final Winners, defeating the undefeated Sharks (that is until yesterday they were undefeated).

Medals were presented on the day, there were a lot of happy boys...and girls.

We went out to dinner with the team to celebrate their victory....What a day!!

Guess who wore his medal to bed?

And still no Prime Minister decided :+/

The End

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