Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Spring is in the air

I am in love.  In love with some photo's I took today on my way out to work.  The blossoms are popping everywhere at the moment and I remembered my camera, so I pulled over to the side of the road and started snapping.  The flowers were so magical and smelt luscious, I wanted to sit under the tree with the bees humming, the sun warming my cold body and the petals falling gently to the green grass below.   It would have been a perfect morning, to just sit and ponder, unfortunately I had work to do.   

I just want to cover my walls with these beautiful blossom photo's.  It's so hard to choose which ones to post.  So sorry if it's a bit of a pink blossom overload.

Which one is your favourite?

1 comment:

Carli said...

just beautiful, what a lovely soft pink, so glad you shared what you were admiring today xxx