Thursday, 26 August 2010

Vague memories and a very yellow room

I have been looking at some old photo's today that I had scanned whilst in Melbourne at my Aunt Desley's a couple of years ago.  I could sit and look at old photo's for days on end, getting lost in the memories of times past.  Desley was always good at taking photo's at family gatherings and she has lots of albums that I love going through every time I go down to visit.  There are some photo's which bring back so many different memories and there are others that I only vaguely remember.  

So Gabby and Desley I'm going to need your help here to fill in some gaps.  The following series of photo's, from my memory, were taken at the Gold Coast.  I think Desley and Karen had rented a holiday flat there and Gabby and I got to come for a day, maybe a night, I only say that because I have my pillow there (the pillow case that Jackie made for me) in the second photo.  I love the serenity in the photo below.  A hot lazy afternoon with nothing much to to do but read....or get bored.  I have a feeling I might be about 10 years old here (that's me on the right) and Gabby was 12, about late 1980 early 1981.

The name "Helga" comes to mind in the photo below. Maybe it was an afternoon of playing hair dressers.

I love the laughter captured here.....what was so funny?  Helga's hair??  I think there might have been a snort in that laugh too!  We always have a good laugh when Desley is around.   Maybe we were laughing at the wallpaper and lounge coverings!?

Gabby all bright eyed and with recently brushed hair, but what are you holding? And what was that look for?

Whistle preparation.

So help me out girls, I would love to know what memories you have from these photo's.  I don't really remember much else.

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Anonymous said...

Judging by my haircut and clothes, I think you've got the date right. Can't remember anything else though.