Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fun with Grandma

I've been meaning to post these photo's for a while now, I've just been a little side tracked by a few things.  We had some fun with my Mum while she stayed with us for a few weeks, the boys love it when she visits (so do we all, things just seem to run smoother when she's here).  She's really good at filling in the gaps in our family life, so here's a little of what we got up to while she was here.

We played lots of card games.....

Donkey especially!

Grandma and Toby consorting together, they are quite the pair.

My Mum bought an extra pair of toenail clippers as she thought we were getting a little overgrown!!

Except she used them on the garden instead!


Anonymous said...

That looks like the edible 'Jew's ear' fungus growing on your tree ! I think the Chinese call it 'Cloud ear'. Good for stews and casseroles.


Lisha said...

We wondered what that jelly like stuff was. After heavy rain they were always knocked down to the ground, it was kind of gross.

Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?? I'll give you a hint, we had some heavy rain yesterday!! Yum yum!!

Caroline said...

Just like to say I think you take wonderful photos Lisha

Lisha said...

Thanks Caroline. xx

Kim said...

I had no idea Jan's hair was so long - wonderful.