Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More Holidays

When we arrived at Laidley in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, Joan opened the doors to the shed to show us the delightful Christmas wonderland she had created.  There were the many Christmas quilts she had sewn, decorations, lights and wall hangings and the tree.  It was such a lovely arrival and beginning to our holiday as we'd had another fun week with car troubles preventing us from leaving earlier for Queensland.

Christmas Eve was spent setting up our tents, putting presents under the tree and preparing food for our nibbling feast that afternoon and family arriving to share the day with.  Presents were opened and played with and much trifle was eaten.

Pretty much the same thing happened on Christmas day too, although the feast was much bigger with turkey, ham, pork, duck and vegetables to be had.  With Christmas pudding and pavlova to follow.  Nerf wars ensued the feast.

A little relaxing and an attempt at reading followed the feast as well, whilst watching the sun set and taking a few photo's.

The rest of our days were spent relaxing, reading, riding the mini bike, playing with Christmas toys and working on Joan and Waynes house.  The boys ended up earning a tidy sum each for their contributions to carrying bricks, drilling holes in bricks and sweeping as the inner walls were laid.

I really think Amelia had the best time with her new found freedom, stealing every sock she could get her teeth on, learning how to get through fences, escape out the closed gate and harass the chooks in their pen.  She was a little freaked out at meeting the cow and the horse in the paddock next door and just wouldn't stop barking at them.

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Kim said...

Those Walkers sure do know how to do Christmas!