Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Baking days

There is much to be said for baking on rainy days.  They are just made for each other and so are little boys and cookies.

Sam has been in training these holidays, in training to make lunches.  Today he made us all ham and salad sandwiches.  He also realises that everybody likes their sandwiches in a certain way and is happy to comply.

I also made an oat and pecan slice with treacle and golden syrup, something a little different, but compares to very treacly ANZAC biscuits, the boys seemed to enjoy them.

I have been reading the Tunnels series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams.  I think Sam received the first book for his birthday some time ago, and yes they are aimed at about 11 year olds +.  It's kind of like the Harry Potter series but is set in an underground world.  I started with the first book just before Christmas and am now up to the fourth book 'Closer', I just can't put them down.  I love them and have been trying to get Sam and Ethan to read them (they are still slowly ploughing through Lord of the Rings) and just haven't felt like reading Tunnels even though I keep telling them how much I am enjoying them. 

So today I read the first few chapters to the boys off and on throughout the day.  I think I've got them hooked, Sam and Ethan keep asking questions about it and I just won't tell them.  We are now up to chapter 4.

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