Sunday, 29 January 2012

A photo a day: Week 4

January 22

I was going to post a photo of the beautiful Shepherds pie I made for dinner Sunday night, but I actually forgot to take the photo before it all got eaten.  So the next best thing was a photo of my dish scrubber, she does such a good job on those baked on stains.

January 23

The 'orrible 'airy caterpillars are out and about again.  Although I don't think this one was going to last much longer, it was very big and hadn't moved from his spot on the driveway all day, so I lifted him up to join our garden trimmings in the green bin.  I just can't bring myself to kill them, they are just trying to get through their life cycle, I have a big heart for many creatures.  Although I have been known to toss them over the fence (there are chooks next door).

January 24

It's been a shopping day today, picking up fruit and veggies, milk, the essentials as well as the last of the school supplies, new sand shoes for Sam and some new boots for Toby.  I love walking into the saddlery where we buy the boys boots, it smells of oiled leather saddles and bridles, a wonderful smell that brings back lovely memories.  I grew up with friends who had horses and I worked on properties with lots of horses.   When you've been away from those familiar smells for so long they become quite vivid in your mind.  I also love the box that Toby's boots came in, it's covered by the artwork of one of my favourite children's artist and author Alison Lester.

January 25

A rainy, stay at home, baking day.

January 26

Australia Day.  Out and about today we noticed many cars with their Australian flags attached to their windows, aerials, rear view mirrors and we even saw a full sized flag draped off the back window of someones car.

January 27

It's a miracle! I've already brought the sewing machine out twice this year!!  This time it was to create not mend.  I made a baby flannel wrap blanket for my yoga teacher Jessie, she's having a baby shower this weekend and I'm very much looking forward to it.

January 28

Donald had to work this Saturday so we went in to visit him at work and have lunch.  He works in at Fox Studio's for Animal Logic.  This is Donald's desk covered in Lego toys as he is working on a new Lego movie.


Caroline said...

Love your photos for this week Lisha.
Of COURSE I love the smell of leather unfortunately with all this wet weather all my saddles & gear are mouldy and need a good saddle soap(which is another thing I adore the smell of)

Suzi said...

Lego! Best job EVER! (for a boy) haha

Kris said...

Hi Lisha, Thanks so much for joining my photography club! Cute blog, cute kids, and you take really wonderful photos.