Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy heart day

It was a busy day today, McKenzie (she's back from London) and I spent the day delivering some of the many flower orders for Urban Flower.  However I did manage to prepare some surprises for my boys yesterday for them to wake up to today.  Some pink heart shaped cookies with a centre of Rolo's (caramel chocolate) and some wax paper crayon hearts hanging in the window.

These were left on the dining table early this morning before I headed out in the dark to pick up McKenzie who was riding shotgun with me today.

The car was filled with flowers, bears, balloons and chocolates, none of which we could eat.  With little vision out of the rear window and lots of interested looks on the road, we navigated our way with an old 2006 map book to 23 lucky Valentines recipients.  

Miss McKenzie brought many a smile to faces as she delivered arm fulls of red roses and balloons in her highly appropriate and beautiful red dress.

We were both tired at the end of the day but nothing compared to everyone else at Urban Flower who has basically lived there night and day preparing for Valentines Day.  Our minds boggled at the amount of flowers and deliveries that went through there, they run quite an amazing operation with over 1000 deliveries for V day.  Unbelievable!! 

At the moment we're listening to one of my Valentines presents from Donald,  MC Hammer's 'U can't touch this'.  I received three records, yes I did say records, from Donald as my gift to bring me new life and energy, Abba's Voulez Vous, MC Hammer, and Rolling Stones for a bit of nostalgia and a laugh.  It was a good day, am very tired so am off to bed now.

I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day and shared your love around!!


Carli said...

Cool photos! Thank you for a tiring day xxx (Her dress was perfect).

Carli said...

(I've borrowed images of Kenz for my post! I hardly ever get any delivering ones and these are great)