Wednesday, 1 February 2012

When it rains it pours

The cooler weather has come back at last.  We've had a few very hot and humid days, but it's oh so lovely to have the temperature back down to a refreshing 20°C.  We still walked to school this morning, gumboots and umbrella's and a wet, smelly Amelia, who very quickly was given a bath on our return home.

I slipped Sam's little Olympus camera into my back pocket so I could get some pictures of the lovely Sun flowers down on the corner.  They were looking rather sad in the rain and kind of lost their enthusiasm for life.

The Dahlia's however were still rather robust under the sprinkling of rain.  I do love the Dahlia's, it's always Autumn when I see them and you couldn't get a more Autumny day than today.  I'm having a quiet day at home, tidying up bits and pieces, enjoying my camomile tea and am in the process of baking some cinnamon buns.  The dough has risen so I'd better get rolling on them.

In your prayers today I'd like you to think about this family, the Kings, only 4 short months ago their son Noah passed away which has been heartbreaking for the family, but on Australia day this year Lisa's husband Aaron also passed away.  I've been reading their blog for a few years as she's a cousin of my friend Carli.  Lisa is truly an inspiring wife and mother of four boys and a great photographer, she tells of her daily life and trials with such an openness.  My heart truly breaks for them.

Naomi from Seven Cherubs has set up a fundraising page to help out the family, it is truly inspiring how the blogging community can get together and help out one family in their time of need.  It is a miracle the amount of money that has been raised in less than a week by friends, family and the blogging world who were touched by Lisa King and her beautiful family.  Please keep them in your prayers.

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