Saturday, 25 February 2012

A photo a day: Week 8

February 19

A hot boy playing soccer in the front yard.  Toby just can't wait until his soccer games start, only about 8 weeks to go now. . . at least his training will start in just a few more weeks.

February 20

A quick visit to Spotlight to pick up some more wool so I can get on with my project.  I'm crocheting a bag and the blue and brown material I picked up for a song is going to line the bag.  I'm pretty happy with the progress of this little project.

February 21

Some pine cones we walk past every day on our way to school.  I have loved watching them grow.

February 22

It was my cleaning job today so Amelia was home alone all day.  I hide treats around the back yard to give her something to search for.  Although she missed this one and only found it late in the afternoon after running around the back yard like crazy.

February 23

I am not above serving tinned spaghetti and cheese on toast for dinner every now and then, the boys were over the moon about it.

February 24

 Last day of indoor soccer, thrashed again :+(

February 25

Every school day Toby is the last one to wake up, in fact I have to wake him up by blowing raspberries on his belly, it gets a good sleepy laugh from him.  However, come Saturday morning he's the first one up and ready to play.  This morning he was constructing with the K'nex, he's always been very creative at his own designs especially with lego.

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