Saturday, 4 February 2012

A photo a day: Week 5

January 29

Baby shower games, miniature dummies (pacifiers) to hang around our neck, if we said the word 'baby' it was taken away.  The winner was the person who had the most around their necks, I lost mine at the very end :+(

January 30

Swimming carnival on the first day of school.  It's an unusual time to have it, but it happens every year.  It was a very hot and humid day, good for swimming, if only I brought my swimmers.

January 31

Mum and Dad and the kids came running around the corner, it was a lovely sight to see when I went to the egg farm today.  The rooster was on guard keeping an eye out while mum and the chicks went searching for snacks.

February 1

Sun flowers in the rain, the day before they were standing to attention and facing the morning sun, they don't like the rain so much and look very sad now.

February 2

Sam and Amelia have a funny relationship,  Sam chases, plays, wrestles and annoys Amelia and she puts up with it.  The picture above is what I see and hear every day, Amelia is trying to play bite Sam's nose because he's blowing on her, meanwhile she makes a whiney yowl sound.  It makes me laugh.

February 3

Folding the laundry with Amelia waiting to dive on and steal any socks when I'm not looking.

February 4

I sat down to breakfast this morning and my eyes were drawn to a lone Wisteria leaf spinning by a thread, it was beautiful.

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Kim said...

I am really loving the photo a day series - this time especially Sam and Amelia.

I keep planning to do some more blogging - since I seem to be spending every waking moment thinking about Savannah blogging would be a good way to channel all that! She is lovely - all arms and legs - very like her mother I think.