Saturday, 18 February 2012

A photo a day: Week 7

February 12

I've started crocheting again.  Sunday afternoon sitting out on the front porch with two of my boys and the rain pouring down and the thunder rumbling overhead.

February 13

Preparing for Valentines day, I made wax paper crayon hearts.

February 14

Delivering flowers with McKenzie on Valentines Day.

February 15

Plumbing problems!!  Our cold tap in the bathroom has been making funny noises and making the whole house shake, but the plumber can't fix it so we are getting new taps.  Unfortunately in the time waiting for the plumber to be free to fit the new taps, our tap now leaks profusely and the flow cannot be stopped.  So we must turn off the mains tap to the house.  However we need to shower and wash clothes, so I collect the leaking water in a bucket and water the plants that don't really need watering because we've had so much rain.  Otherwise it is just water going down the drain.

February 16

The plumber came and replaced our taps and our cistern, big relief.

February 17

 A beautiful sunny day with wispy clouds

February 18

Saturday morning lie in, watching and listening to 'rages' tribute to Whitney Houston, dreaming about the 80's and 90's and crocheting on my bed.  Rest in Peace Whitney, you brought beautiful music to my life.

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