Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Raindrops on roses. . .

That's where it all started this morning, just a few raindrops on a rose that inspired me whilst on my walk with Amelia. 

When we got home I wrapped Amelia in a towel and we sat on the front porch looking out through the Camelia branches keeping each other warm.  I started to spy some marvelous water droplets draped like precious jewels from a spider web. 

As I sat there a little longer more and more jewels were revealed to me.  Oh what wonderful treasures to contemplate!  

The intricate web the spiders had woven were just the right support for the water droplet ornaments to suspend from.  Wouldn't you just love a nature necklace with pearls of shiny water glistening held together by a fine thread of web?

I think I'd love a pair of natures earrings too, light and delicate.


Felicity said...

You have a beautiful way of capturing water droplets and spider webs :) Gorgeous gorgeous photos! xo

ps) love the one of the wisteria leaf hanging too - it reminded me of that old church movie 'the last leaf'! So lovely!!

Caroline said...

Wonderful images Lisha. You should really think about taking the next step with your photography.

Lisha said...

Thank you Felicity and Caroline for your kind words. Caroline I wouldn't know what the next step is.... :+)