Saturday, 10 April 2010

Just chillin with my boys

 It's the middle of the school holidays.  We aren't doing a lot at the moment and it's lovely.

Just playing at home, a little bit of lego, a little bit of kennex, some scootering and a lot of running around the house chasing and going nuts....but most importantly playing at home.....and reading. 

I can remember holidays as a child, one of the highlights was reading comics.  If we visited my grand parents in Hervey Bay we would always stop at the "Book Exchange".  A man with big ears and who smoked like a chimney used to sit there all day reading, smoking and selling second hand books.

Gabby and I used to get as many Richie Rich and Archie comics as we could.  That afternoon we would laze around and pretty much read everything that we had bought and then beg to go back to the book exchange and trade them in for a new pile.  We just devoured second hand comics.

I've found a couple at our local second hand book shop, but not enough to trade and swap every day.  The boys are just happy to be reading them all over again.   While I'm just happy to sit here on the front porch in the company of my boys and do a little crochet.

Though I wouldn't mind having a little read of a Richie Rich comic...anyone got any??

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