Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A long weekend (part 3)

Saturday of Ethan's birthday week was a pretty busy and very exciting day.  Ethan was going to be baptized in the afternoon but we had to get through three games of soccer first thing in the morning and an afternoon of food preparation for after the baptism.  We had to divide and conquer to get the boys to their games on time, Donald took Toby and Joan, I took Ethan and Jan and Alister scootered down with Sam to the local ground where he was playing.

It was a great day for soccer in the EarthWalker household.  Toby scored a goal and won the man of the match trophy, boy was he happy.  He kept on asking me if I liked that he won the trophy for the week.  However he was a little too modest to take the trophy for show and tell to pre-school. 

Sam played a great game and also won man of the match, I managed to get there for half time and see a little of his game.

Ethan's first half of the game was spent being goal keeper, but not much action was happening there.

Ethan didn't win man of the match (which I actually think he deserved for the effort he put the second half that is) but in the second half of the game scored his first goal of the season.  The photo below is his aim just before shooting it past the keeper, the actual photo of his goal got a little blurry with excitement from the photographer.

He was one happy chap.

After Ethan's game we all met up at Sam's second half of the match before running back home to start preparing food.  Then I had to make a trip to the airport to pick up Lindsay, Donald's brother and Ava our niece, who also flew down from Brisbane for Ethan's baptism.  Donald was a little under the weather with vertigo, he has had it all week after our uninvited guest visited him on the Monday, so wasn't up for driving to the airport.  Meanwhile my busy kitchen assistants Jan, Joan and Alister were carrying out my orders for sausage rolls, cupcakes, fruit platters, meat balls, mini quiches, mini pavlovas etc etc.

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Kim said...

Waiting with bated breath for the baptism photos.