Friday, 16 April 2010

Show and tell

Well here is my little show off.  Crochet hat number two.  I've really been enjoying my new found talent.  I must admit though I first learned to crochet back in primary school in year 7.  Our teacher felt we all needed to learn to crochet and sew.  I think my first and last finished project was a bright green and orange crochet pot holder (oven mit type thingy).  It was supposed to be square but ended up an wonky shape, I wasn't very good at counting stiches.

Suzi made a comment on my blog the other day that her first crochet project was a bright orange hat, which got me thinking that somewhere in the past I had crocheted something bright orange too.  Then it clicked...the oven pot holder.  I think my next project was a red scarf that was very wonky with sides that waved in and out, again didn't do much counting of stiches.

I have long been wanting to crochet a Babette blanket, I just love the many different sized squares and mix of colours.  For years I have been drooling over them and and thinking how impossible it would be to make one.  After coming across Lucy at Attic24 a while ago I have truly been inspired to learn how to crochet.  I especially love her latest baby zigzag blanket.  She uses such lovely colours to brighten her home and makes crochet look doable with her step by step tutorials.  So I did start finally  after such procrastination and have been progressing along quite well with my hats.

So far my family have been lining up with their requests for a hat....hey Gabby want one, just send me some colour details.  Now I just need to start on some squares, that will take a little practice, especially if I want them to fit together.  I'm not sure how lots of big and little wonky squares will fit together....hmm I see a wonky blanket in the future...

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