Sunday, 18 April 2010

An uninvited guest

We have a visitor at our house, apart from my mum who has come to stay for a few weeks, we have a different sort of visitor.  We didn't invite this visitor to stay.  This one has been lingering for the past week and been visiting each one of us in turn.  In fact we have to leave a trail around our house for it.  A trail of ice cream buckets, empty, 4 litre ones to be exact.  Our visitor is a nasty vomit bug.  You don't realise your visitor is there until the last minute when your stomache starts to swell uncomfortably and then makes you start to feel a little woosey.  And then it all comes out.  Oh but it doesn't stop there it keeps on coming until there's nothing left to come out and then some.  

Right now it's Ethan's turn.  In a way I'm glad he's sick today, not in a morbid way, but you see it's his birthday on Tuesday and I was praying that Ethan wouldn't be sick on his birthday.  So far the hit list for our visitor has been Sam, Toby, me yesterday and Ethan today.  I'm really hoping our visitor has seen enough of our household and is ready to leave, because I really don't want my mum to be visited upon or Donald who has to start a job tomorrow.

We've been trying to starve our little visitor...otherwise he revisits you, so it's best not to eat anything  to encourage him and drink little itty bitty sips until he's had enough.  I'm hoping he doesn't come and visit you.  He's not a very nice visitor and leaves you feeling rather exhausted, not a very nice house guest.  He doesn't even clean up after himself.

I'm hoping that Superdeduper Guy is going to chase that bad house guest away.  He's got amazing super powers to make you feel better, to laugh out loud and brings energy back to your body.  I sure hope Superdeduper Guy comes and visits us real soon.  Where are you Superdeduper Guy??

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