Monday, 26 April 2010

A long weekend (part 1)

As it was Ethan's 8th birthday we had a week full of celebrations which of course began on his birthday last Tuesday.  Each year we have spent the Easter holidays in Brisbane with family so Ethan hasn't had a birthday party involving school friends for a few years.  So we invited a handful of his class mates over on Friday afternoon for a bit of fun, cake and ice cream.  We walked the boys home from school and it was a very excited bunch of boys, I might add, after being locked up in the classroom all day, their break for freedom was headed to our front door.  After burning off a little energy in the back yard, 10 boys sounded like 40 boys in the back yard, we had some party food.

A little crowd control was necessary, energy levels were at an extreme high!

We bobbed for apples and played the favourite cheezel chomp,

some french cricket and a little tug of war,

before we attacked the birthday cake.

Ethan chose a Pikmin birthday cake, a white Pikmin and a red Pikmin.  They are little treasure collectors from a nintendo game we have played for years, Pikmin and Pikmin2, both very cool games, that even I like playing.

I'm glad we don't have another 8 year old birthday party to do for another 3 1/2 years, that one exhausted me, or at least the kids did, I think I must be getting old.

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