Friday, 30 March 2012

Another day out with the girls

Wednesday saw the girls getting together again, just for a short time though as it was a working day for Gabby, so Jan and I ventured into the city by train to meet with her for lunch.  We spent a bit of time admiring the beautiful (and some not so beautiful) clothes at Myers before dragging Gabby, kicking and screaming mind you, away from work.  We had lunch in a cafe somewhere not far from the Myer centre, I do not know it's name nor could I describe it's wearabouts, but it had a great view with a lovely big metal clock that kept tellling me it was a quarter to one.

We ordered our hot drinks and they came in a most unusual form.  Jan's latte came in a big soup bowl, Gabby's espresso came in a smaller bowl, and my hot chocolate came with a large bowl, a jug of melted chocolate and a jug of hot frothed milk for me to make my own.  It was rather delicious.

After lunch we went back to Myers for another look at some of the lovely clothes, I even bought something too!  Have a look at my next photo a day week 13 for a sneak peek.  We also spent lots of time perusing the shelves of the Dymocks in George St, where Gabby works.  I must say we didn't come out of the book store empty handed.  Just across the road is a most wonderful wool store with shelves and shelves of beautiful yarn.  When you walk into Morris and Sons your mind just starts ticking away at all of the wonderful possibilities of new projects with yarn.

My mind thought it could start crocheting a lovely long cardigan with the wool below, a gorgeous rust twist Australian merino, that is delightfully soft.  So I started to look for patterns and I found a really nice one, only it needed at least 25 balls of wool, and at $10.90 a ball, I had to rethink my plan.  So I did the only thing that was best for my wallet, I walked away empty handed.  However my mind is still dwelling on that luscious rusty coloured wool and I think a more manageable project like a scarf would be more suitable for my budget.  I just can't get it's loveliness out of my head.  It looks like another trip into the city next week.

Today Jan and I went into Gabby's and spent some time at Broadway shopping centre in Ultimo, more eating and more shopping.  You see it would be my Mum and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary today if my dad was still alive.  So it was nice to have a day together.  We will be having a big family dinner tomorrow night to celebrate.

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