Saturday, 17 March 2012

A photo a day: Week 11

March 10

This is our Halloween pumpkin from last year.  We ran out of time to carve it, now it just gets moved around the house.  I really like it as a door stop though.

March 12

The blackhawk helicopters have been doing their training exercises over Sydney again, they spent several hours Monday afternoon and evening flying back and forth.  I always get very excited when they fly so close to the house.  They got even closer than this once or twice but I always missed getting outside with my camera.

March 13

Reading groups with Toby's class of a Tuesday morning.

March 14

I've been seeing a few more of these colours on my walks lately.

March 15

A bit of retail therapy with my mum.  We only went to 4 individual shops at the shopping centre and we found something in each shop either for my mum or for me.  I am in love with my new boots.  Now all we need is some cool weather so I can start wearing them.

March 16

A little quiet time for Jan and Amelia.

March 17

A yummy lunch at Gabby and Neils.  Dessert was an absolutely scrumptious strawberry tart with ice cream and cream and a little later, rose flavoured madeleines all made by Gabby.  We rolled home after our feast.

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