Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Apple trail

It was a beautiful Autumn day, the sun was shining, the air was crisp, cool and breezy, Jan, Gabby and Lisha set off in the car to follow the Apple trail.  Unfortunately not long after leaving home for the mountains I nudged somebody at the lights whose car stalled.  Ooops!  No damage to our car, but the number plate, but the other car may need a new bumper.  Anyway details exchanged, apologies made and everyone was ok so we headed off to the mountains.  Our first stop was the lookout at Kurrajong.

Then we followed the Apple trail to Bilpin and stopped at a few fruit shops to buy some fresh new season apples and some home made apple pie.

The weather was just perfect, my kind of day, with the sky so blue and with that cool breeze blowing, I felt really happy and relaxed (yes even after dinging someone else's car).  Apples were growing everywhere and the Autumn leaves were starting to show, so we sat outside at the Apple Bar to enjoy our most delicious wood fired Swiss brown mushroom pizza.

The pizza's were so scrumptious, we just wanted to keep eating them, but then we also wanted to leave a little room for dessert.  We chose three different desserts, mine was a caramelized upside down apple cake with vanilla bean ice cream and custard, Gabby chose a flourless Belgian chocolate cake with cream and Jan chose the wood fired white peach with vanilla bean ice cream and praline.  The desserts were shared and gobbled all up, but we declared the wood fired peach dessert to be the best, it had this amazing sweet, woody smoky taste.

It was such a marvelous day, I would do it all again (except for the bumper cars bit).

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