Saturday, 10 March 2012

A photo a day: Week 10

March 4

A day at home from church with Toby who is unwell, see story here.

March 5

7.30am Toby has a temperature, Sam is reading and Amelia is looking for cats.

March 6

Doing Mathletics under the table cubby house, Toby still unwell.

March 7

I was at my cleaning job and I looked out the window at a tree with these bizarre seed pods.  I will post about them later.  They were very long and almost grape like, but then I found this one opening and the seeds were a brilliant orange.

March 8

 Torrential rain all night and all morning running a river down our driveway.

March 9

A dazzling sunshiny day.  I went for a long walk with Amelia to go and collect the Millenium (Horrendous) Falcon from the Auto electricians, the brake lights needed repairing.  It was such a beautiful Autumn day and I spotted a few Autumn colours.

March 10

Another beautiful day and Toby went to a Birthday party at a park.  When the children arrived they were given their own frisbees to colour in.


Carli said...

I can't believe it's Week 10 already! Cool party idea with the frisbees x

Jenny said...

Lovely photos! I especially like March 9- such a pretty capture of a beautiful day. Stopping by from Busy Nothings Photo Club.

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

Hey! I'm popping in from the Busy Nothings Photography Club. Beautiful photos.
Coloring Frisbees.... I've got to tuck that idea away for later. Love it.