Saturday, 3 March 2012

A photo a day: Week 9

February 26

Ever since Sam started high school he has been re-reading the Harry Potter series, he's up to the 'Half Blood Prince' in under 4 weeks.  The book he is studying in English is 'The Philosophers Stone' which he read within the first few days of starting school.  Every spare second of the day his nose is in the book.

February 27

Day 3 of a 5 day migraine, nestling up with my girl, sleeping through the heat of the day with the fan on.

February 28

The weather has been horribly still and humid for the past week or so.  Tempers are rising, the boys are cranky, my migraine has been bothering me non-stop and by the fourth day I've really had enough and run out of patience.   I'm a bit like a bear woken up in the middle of hibernation.  At least it rained this afternoon to give us a little break.  Oh Autumn won't you please chase what's left of Summer away!

February 29

 My new crochet bag full of happy colours I just bought ready for my next bag project.

March 1

Ethan was in need of a hug and a squeeze, so Sam, Toby and Amelia joined in.

March 2

A lovely end to a rather blah week.  A soak in a hot steamy Radox bubble bath with candles whilst singing 'Jerusalem' with great bathroom acoustics.  Very relaxing, big sigh!  Toby got the second hand bath and loved every minute of it with candles still burning and bubbles still floating.

March 3

Autumn is here and I am happy to be wearing my gum boots and carrying my umbrella.

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