Thursday, 8 March 2012

At home with my boy (and girl)

I've had Toby home for four days this week.  Sunday morning he woke up and told me his head was hot and that he was feeling dizzy so we stayed home from church.  Toby drew and I finished off my crochet bag.

Through the night Toby had a temperature so he stayed home from school.  Amelia was going a little crazy due to not having a walk for a few days so we took her up to the dog park for a bit of freedom.  Amelia ran around crazy splashing through the puddles and mud and playing with the other dogs while Toby and I wandered around quietly watching her and laughing.

The sky was an expanse of blue and the ground was green and soggy.

Tuesday Toby was still unwell, so we made a cubby house under the dining table, with pillows and quilts and bed toys that Amelia kept stealing.

Wednesday Toby was back to his normal happy self so I sent him off to school and he even got to go to his first soccer training of the year before the heavy rain set in.  This morning was a different story again, his legs were hurting.  I'm not sure if it was his calf muscles but he can't seem to walk without them aching, maybe it's the effects of the virus he had or maybe he's just got sore muscles from his first soccer training or a bit of both.  So I've given him a leg massage and had the heat pack on his calves this morning.  Otherwise it's another quiet stay at home day and I either have to piggy back him around or he crawls to move one from one place to another.

I'm quite happy to stay at home on this exceedingly wet day today with a snuggly dog on my lap, a bit of blogging and some crochet as it has just been pouring heavily all night and all morning.  It was just torrential this morning so had to drive Sam and Ethan to school.

I'm off to enjoy my frothy hot chocolate and then give another leg massage to Toby, ta ta for now.


Carli said...

Poor Tobes! Sore legs are no fun. Your house looks so cozy today x

Kim said...

Poor Toby - but lucky you - my favourite thing is a just sick kid - just sick enough to need me to rub legs and read with them all day. Hardly ever happens to me anymore though.