Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A tidy house

I had a burst of energy Saturday afternoon.  Our spare room was getting out of control with laundry, spare clothes, clothes that didn't have a home and anything else that didn't have a home.  You see my motivation was the fact that my mum is coming to stay on Wednesday and I had to find out where the bed was in the spare room . . . I found it!!  So after dumping anything unnecessary out of the room and into the lounge room I started to rearrange the furniture.

With help we moved Ethan's and Toby's dressing tables out of the spare room and back into their bedroom in the place of the desk.  Which has now been moved into the spare room.  Sam really needed a quiet place to do his homework, the dining room table was a little too distracting and was becoming a little to crowded with all of his high school books living permanently there.

So now Sam has a quiet space for homework, to keep his school books, I bought some plastic drawers, and his own dressing room.  He still likes to sleep in the same room as his brothers so he's not totally moving out of the boys room.  Secretly I think I want this room for myself now that it's so clean and tidy, I can just imagine lying here of an afternoon reading or even using the desk as a sewing table.

Now the spare room was all ready for my Mum to sleep in and Sam to do homework, the next job was sorting out the stuff that had been dumped in the lounge room.

I think I did alright, tidying up the lounge . . . now the front porch has got lots of 'stuff' on it.  It's not quite the serene place with boxes of books and stuff taking it over.  Which is why I'm leaning towards the spare room being my happy place now.

I do love a clean and tidy lounge, it doesn't stay that way for long though.


Suzi said...

Beautiful! Jobs well done :o) The quilts really look lovely

Tania @ Out Back said...

Always feels good after a busy clean up doesn't it?