Saturday, 31 March 2012

A photo a day: Week 13

With a migraine this week I kind of didn't feel inspired to take photo's but they still happened, even if some of them were last minute "What am I going to take of photo of" kind of moment.  I spent last Saturday in bed sleeping, so Donald took my mum and the boys for a trip into the city.  On their return home Donald surprised me with a new lens for my camera and it was a biggie too.  He got me a new zoom lens 75-300mm, specially for the start of the soccer season.  Now I can take even closer action shots of the boys playing soccer.

March 25

I practiced with my new lens while the boys had trial games.  It works really well providing there is good light and you have a steady hand.    I managed to get some good shots too!  I didn't even have to crop this one much at all.  I love this one of Ethan with his hair flying as he goes in for a tackle.

March 26

As I've been under the weather this week, my mum has stepped in and has been cooking dinner, doing the washing and has defrosted both our fridge and our little freezer, they were getting very icy.  What a blessing it is to just be able to rest and not to have to worry about anything.

March 27

My mum made Apple roly poly for dessert.  It's just a home made pastry with apple rolled inside and baked in an apple sauce.  It's delicious warm with ice cream.

March 28

My self portrait for the week.  I was trying to take a photo of my new woolen jumper that I bought in the city, at least you can see the lovely Autumny colours of it.

March 29

A lovely long leisurely walk with Amelia.  I took my camera this time as it was such a beautiful morning.

March 30

It would have been my mum and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary, so we had a lovely dinner with candles and our silver goblets full of lemon fizzy drink to help celebrate.

March 31

My how March has flown by, I can't believe it's the last day already.  The boys all had trial games today, at least they were all in the one place, so my mum, Amelia and I parked ourselves in the shade and watched the games.  Here Toby is on the sidelines waiting for a turn, I really like how Donald and Toby are holding hands, a sweet moment.

I'm linking up with Sarah in Catch Your Self again this week with my self portrait.


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