Wednesday, 28 January 2009

School and food

On Tuesday morning on my way home from my walk I went past the boys school.  The notice board said that school resumed on Wed Jan 28.  Originally the boys were to go back on the Friday as there was a teachers strike on.  So I asked in at the office and they confirmed that the strike was off and the boys were to start earlier on the Wednesday.  I walked home with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  I broke the news to Sam and Ethan and they were quite dismayed and of course I burst into tears.  I wasn't ready for my boys to start school yet.  We thought we had two more days together in our own little Earth Walker world.  To cheer them up I decided we'd have a going back to school feast and asked them what they would really like for dinner.  The menu was to be Hamburgers and ice cream cake with maltesers, m&m's and blueberries mixed in, with a chocolate biscuit base.

We had our final holiday feast of the juiciest hamburgers and ice cream cake that was rather colourful, and we talked about some goals for the boys school year.  The sad mood lifted and the boys were in a happier frame of mind about starting school.....and of course I was up last night sharpening pencils and cleaning out old pencil cases, freezing water bottles and laying out clothes.  The year has begun again.

So today the boys went off to school pretty happy walking our familiar walk down the street to school and not a tear was shed by me.

Toby and I went to visit his pre-school for orientation day to meet his teachers ready for starting his first day next week.  Bring out the kleenex next Wednesday!!  

The boys came home from school to an afternoon tea of banana orange smoothies and popcorn.  They were pretty happy after their first day back catching up with friends and getting their new teachers and class rooms.  Life is content (for the moment) and I guess their stomaches full too!


Caroline said...

And the meaning is in!! check out my post I have linked yours back to you of course.
Beautiful photos the food looks yummy. Lovely/smart mum turning a disappointment into fun!!

Carli said...

oooohh you're such a good mum. We did the opposite and turned up a day early. These pictures are lovely.