Monday, 4 February 2008

Toby's hair

Toby has these luscious curls that have a life of their own. They bounce joyfully when he runs, but because he runs with a spring in his step and lots of air between his feet and the floor, the curls bounce even more. When I was washing Toby’s hair the other day, I noticed how long his hair actually was. It went halfway down his back. He has never had a haircut his entire life (2.5 yrs).

A few minutes after wetting his hair it started springing back into shape.

Not long after his bath the curls were back in their place.

The next morning they were golden and luscious again. The more humid the weather, the curlier his hair becomes, plus a little wet with perspiration. The drier the air and Toby’s hair straightens out on top but the curls are still underneath.

I can’t imagine cutting a life that is so precious, even though it is the life of his hair. So therefore I shall have a child (or two) with wild hair for as long as I can. The curls take on Toby’s personality. I love Toby, his joy, his laughter, his beautiful words, his cheeky smile, his hugs, his kisses and I love his curly hair.


Kim said...

Good grief that's a cute boy.

deb said...

curls that would put shirley temple to SHAME!!!

love it!