Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Ethan and I went to the bookshop today to buy a dictionary for school.  There were so many boring dictionaries, but we managed to find the last one with pictures in it and it was pleasing to the school childs eye (mine & Ethan's too).  We went in search of some contact to cover the book with and were faced with Bratz, Hot Wheels, Superman and other various brand names.  To my joy Ethan chose the only tasteful one.  A beautiful blue colour sea with dolphins swimming in it.  I'm glad my boys have been brought up to have a little sense of taste and style.  The dictionary is now covered and looks like you would want to dive into the cover with all of the smiling dolphins.  A little escapism for Ethan during school time.

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Kim said...

Max - who has no real concern for classiness but lots of interest in fun times - chose horrible Hot Wheels contact for his books - it's ugly bit he's in love. Dolphins are much more appealing, I think. Good work Ethan - maybe he has an artists eye.