Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Swimming Carnival

Yesterday was the school swimming carnival at the Epping pool.  The only children to participate in the races this year were children who could swim 50 meters.  Only the year 2's and up could go along to the carnival, so Ethan stayed at school.  Sam is yet to swim 50m so he was able to have a little fun in the Novelty races in the shallow pool.  They played for quite a while, with their teeth chattering and bodies shivering, but I think they enjoyed themselves. 

At least this was a little more fun than sitting down on the side lines all day.  Toby and I went to watch and cheer on Sam's house team, Phillip.  It was a little wet and cold, but they were all going to get wet anyway!  Toby had his little fireman rain coat on and took things rather seriously.

Sam got a little bored at the carnival by lunch time.  At least we could take them home early if they had finished their events.  So Sam and I went home and played Nintendo "Wii play".

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