Saturday, 9 February 2008

Pokemon cards, tamagotchi's & bus tickets

Yesterday Sam & Ethan took their hard earned pocket money down to the local Battlecraft store.  A store for buying miniature figures, gaming cards etc.  Their aim was to purchase a booster pack of cards (about 10 cards) for their pokemon collection.  The results, they both bought Pokemon Diamond & Pearl starter packs (about 60 cards).  Their tongues were hanging out of their mouths as they tried to figure out if they had enough money for the desired starter packs.  Luckily mummy had some extra change to make it to the total.

Ethan is excited because he has lots of strong cards that can beat weaker cards and do lots of damage.  Ethan got fire and grass type pokemon.

Sam is excited because he has been dreaming all week about getting the pokemon cards on Friday afternoon after school.  Sam has electricity and fighting type pokemon.

We also went into an asian grocery and found some tamagotchi lollies.  Seeing as we don't read Japanese, we could only taste test them.

They're wrapped up like chewing gum, but is actually like a strawberry sunburst lolly.  Yummy. I really liked the packaging as Sam, Ethan & I all have tamagotchies and it's fun seeing the little tamagotchi characters.  I almost feel like collecting the little wrappers, it brings back memories of when I was a little girl and I used to collect bus tickets.  Yes, it's true,  my secret is out, I used to collect Brisbane bus tickets and store them in a big milo tin.  They were very colourful especially the 50c ones. I don't know why, I guess it was a little like monopoly money, the more you had the richer you felt!!

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Stacy said...

Kev says that the big yellow writing says Tamagotchi and the littler writing says chewing candy. He can't read it all - but you get the gist of the meaning anyway.