Saturday, 2 February 2008

Spider webs & rain

There are so many spider webs in our garden at the moment that I can't take the bins out at night for fear of being wrapped in a web. It freaks me out to think I might have a giant spider crawling over my head or down my back. Now I'm all for the spiders in the garden as they will capture the mossies and flies that I really don't want in the house. It's just the thought of them crawling on me that freaks me out.

What amazes me is after the rain you discover the many intricate webs that are woven in the smallest of spaces or the most open of spaces.  The little droplets of rain that hang off a tiny thread of web are so beautiful.  Across our front yard we have a giant spider web, I'm not sure if the spider is hopeful of capturing a little possum or a small child.....the web is certainly big enough.  I tried to capture them with the camera, it was really hard focussing on a single strand of web but I just loved discovering the little webs everywhere in the garden.


Mari said...

I love that too - the spider webs are really wonderful. Imagine that something with a pinhead sized brain can create that....

Stacy said...

I am with you on taking the garbage out at night for fear of spiders. I also fear taking down the clothes off the line for fear of reaching for the shirt and feeling a spider.

Hey, you should enter those pictures in the new forum my brother started. It is a photo challenge. This week happens to be water. They are so cool.

Also, I tagged you. Go to my blog for details.